How to Make the Most of Your Network Marketing Business Opportunity

A network marketing business opportunity can provide you with a SUBSTANTIAL income and set you up to be paid a residual income for life! There is no other industry that allows a relative new comer to get in, get started and immediately begin to benefit from the efforts of others.

So, today you and I are going to take some time to go over a few tips to have you from where you are now to being a Top Producer in your Network Marketing Business Opportunity.

There are a couple points I’d like to get out of the way real quick. This is a business. It’s true that you can work this business part time and reap some amazing rewards. However, it will require you to work those hours like a business owner. The second point I’d like to make is about your circle of influence.
Think about the words for a minute: NETWORK…MARKETING…BUSINESS…OPPORTUNITY

NETWORK: It has been said over and over again that your Net Worth is directly correlated to your Network. So, when you’re getting started with your business opportunity, you are going to want to get other like minded individuals involved. No more friends, family and three foot rule. Unless, of course, your friends are all savvy business minded individuals, your family is full of entrepreneurs and every one in a three foot radius of you is at the bank looking for a small business loan. Look, you are…


MARKETING: Every successful business on the planet has a Marketing/Advertising and Sales team. Why would you take advantage of a Network Marketing Business Opportunity and think you don’t have to do the same. I will give you some slack here simply because I understand that you were probably told that the product/opportunity is so good it will sell itself. Along with, “we don’t sell anything, we offer opportunities.” I’ve got news for you, if wither of these statements were true, the company wouldn’t need you. The fact is the better you become at Marketing/Advertising and sales, the more successful your business will be. If these are not your strong suits, don’t worry you can be taught all of this with proper training and leadership; which, incidentally, is where the real money is made in this industry.

BUSINESS: Businesses are successful because they run on repeatable, proven and successful systems. Think about McDonalds for just a minute. That entire franchise can be run with a staff of High School kids with one young twenties Manager. Is it because McDonalds has a nack for hiring the most qualified kids on Earth? No, it’s because the system is so repeatable that the pieces of the puzzle don’t matter. If one person quits, there will be someone there within a few minutes to take their place and the business doesn’t skip a beat. So, knowing this, does your Network Marketing Business Opportunity run a system or does your business change every day depending on what you got done or what you didn’t get done? Is it easy for a new recruit or a new retail customer to find your business, take advantage of your offer and become a distributor in one fluid motion? Or is it confusing, hard to find and unclear what your ultimate goal is? I can tell you right now that a confused mind DOES NOT BUY!! By the way….

A System Works Even When You Don’t!!

OPPORTUNITY: This is the backbone of the entire industry. When you got into your Network Marketing Business Opportunity you were SUPER excited about the opportunity that was provided to you. Remember this while you’re running your business. Your prospect is going to be just like you when you got started; very excited and ready to take on the world and most important…make some money!! Keep this in mind and keep the excitement of your new recruits high! You do this by being a great leader and giving them answers to get started quickly and profitable. The sooner you can have your recruit making money the longer and more substantial your business will be. I’m sure you’re wondering how to do that right? That’s easy, just re-read this article and you’ll be on the right track.

A Network Marketing Business Opportunity truly can change your life. I hope today is the day you decide to take yourself and your business seriously. Just remember the words involved in this great industry…NETWORK…MARKETING…BUSINESS…OPPORTUNITY.

Your opportunity is ready for you, it’s just waiting for you to raise your hand and tell it your are ready! I hope today is that day and NOW is the time!!